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Xeikon 3300 Roll To Roll Digital Label Printing Machine

The Xeikon 3300 offers fast, precise and reliable label printing.

Full digital technology combined with variable repeat length allows printing at maximum speed, regardless of the size of the labels. You can print labels of different formats and sizes in the same run.

  • CMYK (Full Colour) + white
  • Quality and speed in digital printing – no film and plates
  • Superior image quality for logos and line work
  • Quick turnaround and short runs are a speciality
  • No maximum print length
  • Variable print and so much more
GM Laser Finishing unit guru labels trade equipment 3
GM Laser Finishing Unit

Guru Labels were proud to install the very first state-of-the-art laser finishing unit in Australia. We know that time is money, and tooling is costly. Introducing the laser cutting finishing unit is a great way to have your cake and eat it.

The unique combination of laser and conventional cutting systems delivers all the benefits of both worlds. Expect fast delivery and eliminate tooling costs forever with the laser and high speed operation for long runs on the conventional cutting system.

Our laser finishing unit features a fully digital position system offering comprehensive (X & Y) registration and cut depth control (Z). The laser will cut most raw materials used in the label industry and our list of laser compatible substrates is clearly outlined in our quote programme. Any substrates not compatible with the laser can be dealt with via conventional laser and die cutting.

Quick delivery

Say goodbye to lengthy delays associated with ordering new dies and tooling. Laser die cutting is as simple as setting up a die file and hitting the go button. It’s all about printing now!

Cost savings

Save on the cost of buying conventional tooling and time spent setting up. It’s all about using the very best technology available and only Guru Labels is proud to deliver this exciting technology.

Cut outside the square

Give your customers the availability to improve the overall look of their labels with exotic custom shapes to make them stand out from the crowd. Using our unique laser system means you can experiment, and improve the look of your labels for no additional costs.

Like all new technologies, there are certain restraints we need to consider when it comes to supplying laser cut labels that will be machine applied. Due to the inherent way a laser system cuts, we may recommend using traditional tooling in areas where labels need to be applied by machine application. For more information in this area, please contact our team to discuss.

Mimaki Wide Format Printing Solution

When you need labels that are too large for traditional presses or require outdoor labels that have genuine outdoor UV stable applications, we have you covered with our Mimaki Wide Format printers.

We can now offer exceptional print quality on a wide range of permanent and repositional vinyl substrates, combined with additional gloss or matte laminating, and finishing in singles or top cut label sheets as required.

Our Mimaki Wide Format printer uses genuine UV Stable outdoor inks that deliver a wider range of colour gamut, high vividness, and high density, perfectly suited for UV Stable outdoor durability.

Delivering speeds of up to 90m² in a work day, you can rely on Guru Labels to take care of all your wide format printing and outdoor billboard printing from bumper stickers to wall prints and everything in between.

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