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When you’re passionate about creating the best custom labels in the world, you want to write about it – why not? We’re label gurus, after all. No tall poppy syndrome here. While our label printing experts could keep their secrets, gurus like to share what they know. The latest innovations are constantly influencing us, which means we’re constantly evolving and upgrading. It’s a bit of an addiction for us – a relentless pursuit to be the best means we are always learning and implementing new techniques.

Are you looking for label inspiration? Are you curious about the latest label printing techniques? Then you’ve come to the right place! We love experimenting with different materials, finishes and printing techniques to create unique and eye-catching product labels. Our label blog is packed full of label design tips, label printing advice and the latest label news.

So whether you’re a label novice or a label expert, there’s something for everyone. Come and join us on our label journey – we guarantee you’ll be inspired!

guru labels blog label of the month september 2023

896 mm Curved Labels On A Roll Designed To Wrap Around A Bucket – No Problem For The Guru’s

Labels play a vital role in ensuring that products are marketed successfully. They are responsible for grabbing the attention of the consumer and ultimately influencing purchasing decisions.

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guru labesl new inkjet industrial print fast and glossy images 1

Glossy Images, Textured Labels Delivered Twice as Fast With Inkjet Printing

For years, toner printing has been the standard across the commercial printing industry, but now Guru Labels has introduced a new type of printing that means lower costs…inkjet printing

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guru labels servicing australia wide Labels that save lives lithium battery labels

Labels For Lithium Batteries: Labels That Save Lives

Labels have an important job to do. For the most part they’re used to promote brands, sell products and provide information.

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