Security & Asset Labels

  • Tamper Evident Labels / Void Labels
  • Asset Labels 
  • Silver Polyester Labels
  • White Polyester Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Consecutive Number Labels 

Keep your assets recorded and secure. Guru Labels will supply the right type of security and/or asset labels for your needs to help protect your assets and products.

Guru Security Labels offer a tamper-evident feature that leaves a visible void pattern when removed. The label is constructed of white or silver polyester, making it tougher than other labels, heat resistant and they can be applied to a range of surfaces. In addition, the security labels can be customised with your company logo or a very specific size and colour. This allows you to easily identify and track your valuable assets.

Mark shelf space, track inventory, identify assets and more with handy consecutive number labels.

Barcode labels are an essential part of security labelling for many products. They help to track raw materials and finished goods, identify and authenticate products, provide additional information and much more. The barcode can be used to track the product through the supply chain, or to verify that the product is genuine. In some cases, it can be used to provide additional information about the product.

Face cut security labels are another type of security label that can’t be removed without damaging the label. This makes them ideal for use in retail to prevent price swapping, or to identify when an item has been tampered with.

Asset & Security Label Types

Silver Asset Labels

Silver Polyester Labels

White Polyester 1

White Polyester Labels

VOID Label 1

Void Labels

Barcode 1

Barcode Labels

Consecutive 1

Consecutive Number Labels

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Free Design Ideas and Layout Advice

We’re not just label makers, we’re label magicians.
We create flawless labels that command attention. Details matter to us, and no label leaves our premises without passing the Guru test – it has to be the best.

But it’s not all about looks, your asset labels must perform too

As label gurus, we know a lot about the factors that impact performance. The wrong materials, adhesives and techniques can cause asset labels to fall off, curl, fade or run. All of which can cause problems in your work flow and make labelling much harder than it needs to be. Our asset labels are made to last and can handle cool rooms and fridges as well as rubbing against each other in cartons. Plus, they are suitable to be machine applied.

Orders of any size at an exceptional price

Digital printing allows for more variation in design, giving you the flexibility to create unique and eye-catching asset labels that are extremely cost effective. No matter how many variations of labels you need, we can produce them cost efficiently and to a world class standard.

Being the manufacturer (not a reseller) we can offer you the full complement of self adhesive label solutions at a wholesale price.

Reliable delivery with a fast turnaround

Because we know that time is often of the essence, we’ll get your asset labels to you fast – without sacrificing quality or performance.  Whatever type of security or asset labels you require, we can deliver it.  So don’t wait – give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

Free Label Sample Pack

Interested in our custom printed asset labels, but aren’t sure which product or label materials are right for you? That’s ok, we’re here to help. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put together a sample pack and post it out to you, free of charge.