Our Story

When we first started out in 2001, we had a fresh slate and the opportunity to create a company that would take label printing to the next level.

Rather than simply following the status quo and using outdated methods, we took an innovative approach that allowed us to push the boundaries of what was possible with label printing in Australia.

We started with a clean slate and a vision for excellence

Starting from scratch gave us the freedom to think creatively about our products and services, and to come up with new ways to better serve our customers. There were no legacy systems, outdated equipment, old premises or bad habits.

Our factory, systems, and service standards were all designed from the ground up. We use the most advanced printing technology. While every member of our team was chosen for their expertise and passion.

Finally we have found a label provider that understands our business, holds the same values as us and we're sure this will be a relationship that will continue for many years to come..."

Since we built the company from the ground up, we appreciate each client and every job

We know that our success depends on providing amazing service to every single customer. Our goal has always been to appreciate every client, exceed their expectations, and ensure that each project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Guru Labels helped us develop the classy looking label that we were trying to achieve for our products and we are all over the moon with how fabulous they look and how easy they are to work with..."

We approach every project with passion and attention to detail

Through diligent research, constant refinement and continual investment in technology, we were able to develop techniques that produced higher-quality label prints, faster and more cost-effectively.

Our printers produce labels of unparalleled quality, with rich colours and crisp text that truly captured our customers’ vision. And thanks to our superior speed and efficiency, we are able to deliver these high-quality labels faster than anyone else.

Since moving over to Guru for all of our label needs in over 22 different styles, they have worked above and beyond with us and we have not once been disappointed..."

We never stop trying to better ourselves

To this day, we continue to raise the bar in label printing, working tirelessly to provide our customers with the very best products and services possible.

Whether you’re looking for standard labels or more specialised custom labels, you can trust us to make your brand stand out with a truly impressive label.

Your art team has been fantastic and basically took my vision and made it work. It really makes me proud of being able to work with businesses like Guru Labels..."

Today, we're one of the most dynamic digital label printers in the world.

We owe our success to our commitment to quality and our dedication to doing things differently. Every customer, every job, and every employee is important to us. And we’re grateful for each and every one of them.

Guru are an amazing core group of people that are really awesome at what they do. From design through to production and delivery..."

What do you need? When do you need it?

You can trust Guru Labels to deliver.