Art Department Services

We’re not just label printers, but label artists

We see the label printing process as an opportunity to collaborate with our customers and help them create something truly special. That’s why we have invested in a dedicated, in-house design team.

Our team of talented label artists will work with you to create a label that reflects the essence of your brand. We provide solutions, ideas and added value to really make your label pop and go the distance.

Our Art Department services extend to
  • Full label design 
  • Consultation on how to improve an existing design
  • Suggestions on the best colour palette to stand out from the crowd
  • Advice on choosing label materials and special effects 
We can help you
  1. Select the right colours and fonts to maximise the effectiveness of your labels
  2. Comply with any legislative or standard requirements
  3. Lay out your content so that the information fits well
  4. Improve graphics and logos

How much does this professional service cost?

Our art charges are some of the most cost-effective in the industry. We ensure that your message is clearly communicated. With vibrant colours and crisp text, we deliver label designs of unmatched quality that capture your vision and are purpose-fit. And thanks to our superior speed and efficiency, we are able to deliver these high-quality labels faster than anyone else.

Artwork Requirements

Since we want to achieve the best possible results for your labels, we have clearly defined Artwork Requirements. They help make sure that your job is completed on time, as expected, and ensure consistency from job to job.

Guru Labels offers a wide variety of print technology solutions, so in addition to being provided with all the basic requirements for setting up an art file correctly, you will also receive some suggestions for ensuring the best results from each print process.

You’ll find information on: file requirements, colour management, special spot colours, barcodes and checklists for the different types of printing including digital roll to roll, wide format, general and traditional printing.

Please let us know if you need assistance understanding these requirements and preparing your art file.

What do you need? When do you need it?

You can trust Guru Labels to deliver.