Guru Labels Develops World First 100°C Rated Adhesive Service Labels

Guru Labels is pleased to introduce a 100% opaque service label that withstands extremely high temperatures.

Car service stickers are more than just labels on a car’s windshield. They serve as a vital link between a dealership and its customers. If a service reminder label isn’t in good condition, it can be difficult for vehicle owners to remember when their next service is due or where to book it.

In recent years, soaring temperatures have caused some service stickers to fade and peel. Nick Lowe, the founder of Guru Labels, explains why. 

“The typical adhesive on service labels is designed to withstand 80°C temperatures. But over the last five years, customers have started telling us that their labels are peeling. Days are getting hotter, with outside temperatures reaching 40°C or 45°C, which means inside a car they can well exceed 80°C”.

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New Adhesive Withstands Temperatures Up To 100°c

Looking for a solution to this problem, Guru Labels partnered with a company that specialises in creating bespoke raw materials and adhesives. They set about creating a custom formula that can withstand temperatures up to 100°C – a significant jump from the industry-standard 80°C. This means the labels will stay securely in place even on sweltering days, when outside temperatures rise to 40°C – 45°C.

Since not everyone services their vehicles every six months, service labels should last 12 months. For a year, the product was tested at these temperatures to ensure its performance. The new formula was successful, and Guru Labels now applies it to all service and automotive labels.

Say Goodbye to Sun Fading - 100% Opaque Service Labels

But it’s not just the heat that’s causing problems with service labels. Have you ever tried to read the details of a service label from inside your car, only to be confused by the logo shining through and making it impossible to see clearly? The sun can also cause the label to fade over time, erasing critical handwritten information about when your next service is due.

To overcome this problem Guru Labels have developed a 100% opaque service sticker that ensures the most critical information is visible to the customer, no matter how intense the sun’s rays.

“We wanted to make sure our construction was the best in the world, so we went the extra mile to make sure our labels can handle intense UV rays. The 100% opaque design ensures that the sun won't pierce through, fading away important service information”, says Nick.

As the world warms up, the heat is on labels to withstand extreme temperatures. Guru Labels recognised that fading and unreadable labels were only going to get worse, so they set out to find a solution. The result is the first 100% opaque adhesive label in the world that can withstand temperatures up to 100°C.

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