Guru Labels makes available its marketing material for customers

Guru Labels has embarked on a new strategy to help its customers, especially the smaller printers that are pushing to beat the effects of COVID-19 by offering its tried and tested marketing messaging for free. 

Guru Labels sales director Nicholas Lowe told Sprinter that the business is keen to help its customers get back up and running as soon as possible, and this was one of its key strategies in doing so.

According to Lowe, marketing is one of the company’s strongest suits and sharing that knowledge with customers that have limited resources will enable the latter to benefit from a shared knowledge pool.

“In Australia, Guru Labels looks after about 1200 other printing companies and the feedback we’re getting through this COVID-19 period is that it is affecting a lot of the smaller printers,” he said.

“They’re all waiting for business as usual to get back up and running, but need strategies to help business running now. So, one way we thought we could help is to let all the other print companies have marketing messages that we’ve been personally using at Guru Labels.

“They’re marketing messages that our customers can send out to their customer base or prospective customers to potentially help them bring in more business to help fill the holes of recent business slowdown.”

Lowe said there are currently about a dozen of Guru Labels’ marketing messages on the portal and since its launch via eDM last week, more than 50 businesses have shown in interest in the initiative.

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“If you’re a small business, you probably won’t have a huge marketing department.

You might have a graphic artist on board but there’s a big difference between having a marketing department and a graphic artist,” he said.

“So, we thought we’d make it easier for them by introducing a number of different print messages; and depending on what business you’re in, you can pick one that suit you and email it to your customer base to stimulate business quickly and easily.”

To personalise the marketing material, a customer can log into Guru Labels’ portal and pick from one of the predefined marketing messages, then download it and personalise it before sending it to their customers or potential customers.

Lowe said the marketing material is suited to trade printers, predominantly its smaller-sized customers that use self-adhesive labelling as a means of adding extra value to their businesses, and other label-based organisations.

“We want to help our trade customers become more professional in the self-adhesive labels space. You may be an expert in offset or general printing but labels is one of those areas where you need a bit of expertise,” he said.

“We want to educate the trade customers to have more general knowledge about this space and be more professional from the get-go with their customers.”

Guru Labels has made a commitment to keep adding to its message base every month so that businesses can use a variety of marketing material for their business needs.

“All marketing should be ongoing and consistent, and by us continuing to add different messages or messages that weren’t there before, people will see value in that continuity,” Lowe added.

The move for Guru Labels means that the company takes on more responsibility for its customers and guides them forward with marketing strategies that it has refined over the years.

“We have a great passion for helping the trades that help us. We know what it’s like to be a small company that can’t afford to get marketing done or doesn’t have quality marketing,” Lowe said.

“We have some very creative people here in our business and we have a responsibility of making sure our customers have every opportunity to get as much new business as possible.”

To view a snippet of Lowe talking about the new offering, click here.

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