Barcode Labels

Barcodes are a crucial part of product labelling, and they’re much more than just a simple set of lines. To make sure a barcode will be scannable, you have to consider many things.

  • Is it at the right resolution?
  • Does it have an appropriate quiet zone?
  • Does it meet GS1 requirements?

Failure to address these details can result in the barcode getting mixed up with graphics which prevents it from scanning correctly. 

We make sure your barcode labels are fit for purpose

The humble barcode, the unsung hero of the label that you don’t notice until it fails to scan.

We’ve all been there, scanning items at the checkout only to have one barcode not scan and slow down the queue while an attendant is called to manually key it in. Not great when there are tens of thousands of products with the same faulty barcode … that’s tens of thousands of interruptions to the checkout process.

They have an important job to do, but it takes a label guru to make them perform perfectly.

We understand GS1 requirements

  • Height
  • Width
  • Quiet Zone

To sell a product, you need a GS1 barcode number (GTIN) and a graphic. GS1 global unique identifiers are needed for scanning in stores, online and throughout your supply chain. Companies must apply for a barcode to the governing body, GS1. They’ll provide the necessary number and specifications to ensure that the barcode meets industry-standard requirements.

It’s easy to get a barcode from GS1. On their website, you can create an account, answer a few questions about your product, and generate your barcode artwork. You can send us the artwork and we will print a barcode sample for GS1 to verify that it meets their specifications.

Barcode Label Types

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guru labels services products label printing barcode labels 5
guru labels services products label printing barcode labels 11
guru labels services products label printing barcode labels 6
guru labels services products label printing barcode labels 8
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Wide range of thermal barcode labels

We produce the full range of barcode labels, for any purpose and in any label size at an exceptional price. Only the best quality stock is used.

Our extensive range includes: inventory management, asset labels, product labels, sequential numbering, variable number labels, delivery labels, logistics labels, pallet labels, product labels and retail labels.

Thermal Transfer & Variable Data Labels

Highly versatile, cost-effective print process

Thermal transfer labels and variable data label printing is a cost-effective ways of doing small run labels and introducing any form of variable data. With our variable data labels, we can fit all the information you need with no stress.

How it works

You can print variable information onto blank or pre-printed labels with your company name and logo. It is possible to print any type of variable information, including spreadsheets, conceptual numbers, names, and contact details.

  • Our process is quick, easy and convenient
  • Send us multiple barcodes, numbers and variable data
  • Instant printing on the fly
  • We don’t need a film or plate, just a file to transfer the message to the label
  • Exceptional print quality
  • Wide range of substrates, shapes and sizes
  • No matter how small the label, our barcodes are always scannable

QR Codes

QR codes have exploded in popularity due to the COVID pandemic with QR codes on tables, asset labels, and even advertisements. Understanding what differentiates a barcode from a QR code and what’s essential can help ensure that these tools correctly work for your business.

At Guru Labels, we say ‘Yes’ more often!

Multiple print variations, sizes and shapes, short runs, long runs… our label magicians make it happen.

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Free Label Sample Pack

Interested in our custom printed asset labels, but aren’t sure which product or label materials are right for you? That’s ok, we’re here to help. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put together a sample pack and post it out to you, free of charge.