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When it comes to making glass motif stickers, we’re not just the best in the business, we’ve revolutionised it. Eight or nine years ago, everyone else was making motifs on strips, but we knew the market needed them on a roll, and we made it happen.

It wasn’t an easy feat, but we engineered a manufacturing process that allows us to print them on rolls up to 50 metres. This was a game changer. It saves you the trouble of peeling off lots of different labels and trying to align them when you have a large area to label. Being on a roll means you can just roll it all out at once. It makes the process so much easier!

Think about it this way – if you’re doing a shopping centre and need 25 metres of glass covered in motifs. You could use the strips and join them all together, hoping they look nice and even, and take ages…… Or, you could use our motifs on a roll and continuously apply them for as long as you need. There’s really no comparison.

We take pride in making the impossible possible, and our motifs are just one example of our capabilities. We’re proud to have the support of the Australian Glass and Window Association, who we’ve been working with for over 10 years.

Glazing label requirements

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Glass and glazing labels help make glass more visible. Glass can be a safety hazard, especially if you have large glass doors or windows in your home or business. There’s a risk that people will fail to see the glass and collide with it, potentially injuring themselves.

To minimise this risk, new commercial and domestic buildings in Australia are required to comply with strict standards.

These standards require large glass doors or windows to be covered with glazing labels, or motifs, so they can be seen more easily.

Glass labels are required on unframed glazed doors or windows that don’t have handrails, or could be mistaken for a doorway or opening.

The exact requirements of the motif depend on the type of door or window, and the building code that applies to your project.

To satisfy AS 1428.1-2009 (making glass visible for people with vision impairments), the motif should be at least 75mm wide, and be applied for the full width of the glass panel. The bottom of the label needs to be within 900mm and 1000mm above the floor.

For AS 1288:2006 (Glass in buildings), the label must be at least 20mm wide. The top must be at least 700mm from the floor.

Standard motifs

A motif can be as simple as a solid contrasting strip. Guru Labels provides a range of six standard unprinted colours, so you can choose one that suits your space.

If you want to add a little flair to your motifs, we offer 11 standard designs in white or silver finishes. These designs include various shapes and patterns that can make your motifs stand out even more.

But if you’re really looking to up your motif game, we can help you get creative and turn your vision into a reality.

Exceptional custom designs

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Commercial Motifs 3

For decades the options for motifs have remained limited, with the same range of shapes and sizes. But we’ve changed all that. Customers can now have their own logos transformed into dynamic motifs that truly reflect their brand identity. It’s an opportunity to stand out and make a statement.

With us you can also have any shape or colour you want – they look so much more appealing than a standard grey bar or the old shapes that have been around forever. With the ability to turn any unique design into a motif, the possibilities are endless, and the opportunity to stand out from the crowd is now a reality.

The Guru’s in this field can help transform your corporate logo into an amazing and unique motif that truly represents your company and sets it apart from the rest.

Why choose Guru Labels

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If you’re in need of cost effective motifs on a roll, talk to the Guru’s – we’ll make it happen. We make hundreds of thousands of these beauties a month, and we’d love to make them for you too. Or if you want to choose something more standard, choose from six unprinted colours or 11 standard designs in various shapes and patterns.

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