Why bumper stickers should be part of your marketing campaign

In today’s crowded digital media landscape, getting people to see your message can be difficult, and expensive!

The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or have tons of marketing know-how to increase your brand awareness.

Bumper stickers are more affordable than ever, and including them as part of your marketing collateral is a no brainer!

Bumper stickers are very cost effective

With one run of bumper stickers, you’re potentially gaining free advertising for years to come.

Depending on how many you order, it could cost at little as 15 cents per sticker. Most bumper stickers stay on cars for three to five years!

That’s a lot of people seeing your brand out and about over that time.

Easy to hand out

It’s super easy to get bumper stickers in the hands of your supporters or customers.

If you’re running a business, give one to your customers after they engage your service.

For charitable groups doing fundraisers, give one to anyone who makes a donation.

Clubs can also hand them out to people when they sign up for a membership.

Bumper stickers are so easy to hand out, you’ll have no trouble getting your message out there.

Bumper stickers help people show pride in your cause

Bumper stickers are great for raising awareness. If people are excited about something, they want to tell the world!

Whether you’re a charity, religious group or a sports club, your supporters will love putting your message on their car.

Displaying your brand or message helps people form a connection with other people. It’s an identifying statement that people are proud to make.

Bumper stickers are one of the best ways to grow a cause or shed light on something that needs to be discussed in the public space.

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High visibility

It’s hard not to look at the back of someone’s car when you’re sitting behind them at the traffic lights. This is where bumper stickers become such a valuable marketing tool – everyone looks at them!

An eye-catching design is sure to catch the attention of many people every day, and for a long time.

People keep bumper stickers on their cars for years, so you’re sure to reap the benefits of this small investment for a long time.

Nicks Tips: How to make a great bumper sticker

Guru Labels Founder Nick Lowe knows what makes a great bumper sticker. These are his top tips for designing an awesome, eye-catching sticker:

  1. Big and bold! Use bold graphics and large text so your bumper sticker can be read from far away.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t put too much information on your sticker, or the message will get lost. Stick to the basics: your organisation’s name and logo, and maybe a one-liner if it’s short.
  3. Make it colourful. Bright, bold colours stand out. They catch people’s eye.

Bumper sticker examples

Get inspired with these examples of bumper stickers in different shapes and designs.

This square bumper sticker for Ronald McDonald House has a good use of space around the logo, making it stand out. The blue of the background provides an effective contrast to the white of the logo. The text is in a simple font and big enough to be readable from a distance.

This rectangle bumper sticker for the Animal Welfare League NSW is striking and sure to catch most people’s attention. The image of the cute dog wearing sunglasses works nicely with the text ‘must love pets’, which is in the same magenta colour as the dog’s sunglasses. Placed on the white background along with the organisation’s logo, these elements stand out. A web address is provided at the bottom, clearly readable if people want more information.

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Circular bumper stickers are great for promoting your business. This example from Richards Plumbing uses a logo and the company’s name, along with some other key information. The white background and dark text colour makes the words readable from a distance. This is a good example of a sticker you could hand out to clients when they do business with you.

Why choose Guru Labels

With a Guru Labels bumper sticker, your brand is sure to be seen for years to come. Our UV-stable vinyl and ink technology means our stickers will last for years in the sun!

Our expert in-house designers know how to make a great looking bumper sticker. We’ve got free designs and layout advice to make sure your stickers look awesome!

Guru Labels’ innovative printing technology makes us an industry leader. We know our stuff and we’re passionate about using our excellent product to promote your business.

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