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Think Digital

This guide outlines the marketing and technical benefits offered by digital printing, such as variable data printing and colour management, individualisation and campaign scheduling.

There are countless articles written to explain the benefits and advantages of digital label printing, and we feel we have a duty of care to weigh in, validate and dispel some of the myths surrounding digital print technology.

Guru Labels continually invests in innovative print and finishing equipment which positions us as one of Australia’s most dynamic users of the Xeikon printing technology. Through our experiences we understand the various challenges and benefits of digital print.

This guide which outlines how digital print technology may be leveraged can be used to aid anyone in the packaging, graphic design or marketing industries.

What you should know about digital label printing:

An essential guide for packaging designers, graphic designers and other label printing professionals.

Digital printing has been around for many years now and the distinct advantages over traditional flexographic and gravure printing are growing and changing every year. Because of frequent technological advances, marketers and designers could be missing a trick if they don’t explore options when it comes to digital print.

The basics and what you probably know already.

Yes, yes, yes, digital is cheaper for shorter runs, has no set up charges or plates, and offers a faster turnaround, higher quality and lots of flexibility. But there is much more to it than that. If you are looking at getting your marketing messaging completely transformed by digital, then read on.

The Real Marketing Benefits.

As a marketer or packaging designer, you know how important your visual brand is when it comes to connecting with the consumer and encouraging loyalty over your competitors. Your product needs to really stand out, and more importantly, endure the test of time. Packaging is a crucial motivator in the last 10 seconds of a purchasing decision and through digital print; suppliers are able to influence potential customers faster and with more impact. Additionally, digital print can help to forge connections and maintain brand loyalty.

Scan me quick, keep me loyal.

Digitals’ ability to offer an easy method of variable data printing gives flexibility for suppliers to connect with customers in a completely different way. For example using the common QR bar codes or AR augmented reality barcodes you can effectively personalise individual products or a batch of products to retain customer interest. These codes may lead customers to a social media page, app, competition, coupons or many other possibilities. By individually personalising your products, an easy process utilising digital, and connecting a CRM system or email solution such as Mailchimp the opportunities for growth and marketing analysis may be extended.

Protect Your Brand.

Brand protection is forever in the news; digital quality can be used as a weapon against the counterfeiting of your product packaging via secure micro printing. You can also take this one step further by making each label unique. For example, using an individual QR or AR barcode on pharmaceuticals could mean that you are able to individually scan an item via your smart phone; this scan could then take you through to a website which shows you an image of what the medication should look like and where they were sold. You could even define this further and show who the medication was dispensed to and when.

Big, Small, Digital can do it all.

A growing use for digital print is in the artisan food and drink sector. The ability to offer many variations of products with the added advantage of high quality graphics means that overprinting each differential (such as flavour) in black is a thing of the past. Labels can be redesigned; graphics enhanced within the label area, colours can be lifted so that they can be seen from a distance, and the whole image can be sharpened using our Xeikon print engine’s unique 1200 dpi crisp clear resolution.

Reduce your inventory.

How much of your money is tied up in labels left on the shelf or wasted? Wouldn’t it be much nicer knowing you could have exceptional quality labels delivered in the same week, or in some cases, overnight? All is possible with digital.

A coat of many colours.

Technology advancements mean that digital is a close competitor of litho and flexo when it comes to colour management. At Guru Labels we rely on the Xeikon X800 control system to optimise each print job and match colours as close as possible to CMYK or Pantone. Whilst it’s understood that matching colours using digital can not always be guaranteed, we can very accurately replicate many chosen brand colours. An important element in this process is ensuring your artwork is optimised for digital presses, this can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you are used to designing for flexo and litho. Not to worry, we offer free training and advice for designers allowing them to up-skill and create files which are maximised for use with digital machinery. We also check each project individually in our studio as part of our quality control process and ensure we communicate with you to get the results you want.

To conclude...

The only limit to getting the most out of digital label printing is your imagination. Embracing digital print with the help of a good labelling provider is a sure fire way to enhance brand awareness and generate real financial benefits.

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