Glossy Images, Textured Labels Delivered Twice as Fast With Inkjet Printing

For years, toner printing has been the standard across the commercial printing industry, but now Guru Labels is introducing a revolutionary type of printing that means lower costs, better quality and faster turnaround for our customers: inkjet printing.

You might think of inkjet as the type or printer commonly found at home, and until recently that’s been mostly true.

However, recent developments mean large commercial inkjet printers are now a reality.

This leap in inkjet technology is a game changer, and Guru Labels is proud to offer inkjet printing to our customers.

The toner printers won’t disappear – far from it. While toner printing continues to play an important role in our production, the introduction of inkjet printing allows us to add another amazing tool.

These are some of the incredible benefits of inkjet printing that we’re excited to share with you.

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Faster printing

One of the greatest benefits of inkjet printing is speed.

Our toner printers can print at speeds of up to 19.2 metres per minute, while our inkjet printer can print at 50 metres per minute.

The inkjet printer is more than twice as fast as toner printing.

This increase in speed allows us to complete print runs more quickly, making our production more efficient.

Less waste

There’s always some waste when it comes to printing, but inkjet printers produce far less waste, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

With a toner printer, it typically takes 50 metres of paper just to get the colours calibrated before we even start a print run.

On the inkjet printer we can do that with about 5 metres.

This means that not only do we save time by printing faster, we reduce our paper waste.

By reducing waste, we can keep our prices competitive and produce faster results for our customers.

Stunning results

Our team of expert printers really knows what they’re doing, and they’re blown away by the quality of our inkjet printing.

One of the biggest advantages of inkjet over toner is the ability to print beautiful glossy images.

Toner printing is excellent if you want a matte finish, but the rich, deep colours in a glossy image is what inkjet excels at.

Inkjet prints are also lightfast, meaning they’ll hold up against the sun’s harsh UV rays.

If that’s not enough, inkjet prints are also heat, chemical and scuff and scratch resistant, so your prints will continue to look amazing.

Textured prints

Another brilliant advantage of inkjet printing is the ability to produce haptic or 3D textured labels.

Normally, a printed label is just flat, but with inkjet, we can print a pattern underneath the print to give it a 3D textured finish.

In addition to the funky pattern on the label itself, it also has a tactile aspect when you touch it, making it truly stand out.

These types of labels are fantastic for highly competitive products like beverages, where standing out from your competitors is important.

Guru Labels continues to lead the way

At Guru Labels, we are passionate about our innovative approach to printing, and the introduction of inkjet printing is just another example of why we’re industry leaders.

The ability to produce high quality print runs extremely quickly provides incredible cost savings, allowing us to continue to provide a great service to our customers at competitive prices.

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