Guru grows client base by 30 per cent

Guru Labels has increased its trade customers by 30 per cent after installing Australia’s first Grafisk Maskinfabrik (GM) laser die cutter and a Xeikon 3030 in March. Speaking with Australian Printer, Nick Lowe, managing director of Guru Labels, says the company has been busy since installing the new laser die cutter and Xeikon 3030.

Lowe says, “We have noticed an increase in overall total sales of which many of these have been new customers. Trade in particular are taking the opportunity to compare our products and pricing against existing suppliers and see where they can improve their margins and overall product. “The overall sales increase has been for labels in new markets and industries not traditionally dealt with by Guru Labels.

Areas such as food and beverage, manufacturing and advertising markets are showing to be real areas of interest and we are steadily winning increased work in these areas. “Overall we have increased our average order size significantly by having the muscle to take on much larger print runs than previously possible.” The trade printer, which began in 2001 and operates from Tuggerah NSW with 16 employees, says it provides one-stop-shop services, including an online ordering portal, wide format, and LEF small format as well as its roll-to-roll label printing.

Lowe says, “Having the equipment to run much larger label runs has always been an issue in the past, but we are upbeat about the ease in which we can now convert larger print runs, and our customers are enjoying the opportunity of doing more work with us. “The Xeikon print engine is delivering beautiful quality print work, as expected, as well as amazing consistency from print run to print run.

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“The ease in which our operators have picked up the day-to-day running of the Xeikon has been a logical transition from previous digital equipment we have used in the past.” However, Lowe says the company faced some challenges with the new equipment in the beginning. Lowe says, “The learning process from older digital print equipment to the new state-of-the-art equipment has been a massive learning curve. “I have likened it from learning to drive a car, through to learning to drive the space shuttle.

In particular, the scope of possibilities with the laser finishing unit has been quite a challenge but already we are seeing reduced set-up time and costs with improved efficiencies.” He says realising the machine’s full potential is a day-to-day proposition. Lowe says, “Currently we are filling up our manufacturing capacity with new business which is great, but we do have a wish list of new things to try whenever we get slow times, which at this point is almost never. “Upgrading for Guru Labels has proven to be as good in reality as first scoped on paper.

Our customers want stable pricing, reduced lead times and high quality. “It is wonderful to be able to offer a range of products and services that our customers have come to depend on. I could never have imagined the growth we have achieved would have been possible in the six months since we installed the new equipment. You have to wonder how exciting the next 12 months will be.”

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