Guru Labels presses produce face shields

The University of Newcastle is using Guru Labels’ presses to meet the overstretched demands for face masks.

According to the company, local university students have been utilising its GM machine and laser cutting technology to craft their own solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

“[Our] presses are working outside of traditional business hours, producing items very different to the usual adhesives we have become renowned for nationwide,” the company said.

“The University of Newcastle students are burning the candle working the night shift on Guru’s presses to get their new face shields out to meet overstretched demands at a time we so desperately need them.

“Its amazing to see so many businesses lending a hand and working co-operatively to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Guru Labels is also involved in the production of signage to ensure the general public can protect themselves at this time of crisis.

The range of self-isolating and reminder signage has been manufactured with quality raw materials to make sure the life-saving messages hit the mark, last the distance and get the job done.

The range includes internal re-positional self-adhesive signs, non-slip social distancing floor decals for retailers, outdoor self-adhesive door signs for businesses and outdoor self-isolation signs.

“With everything going on at the moment from toilet paper shortages to hand sanitisers sales through the roof, COVID-19 is making sure the world around us sure isn’t what it used to be,” the company said.

“We all have loved ones we want to protect and Guru Labels is working hard (as well as assisting others to do the same) to ensure we can help out wherever possible.”

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