Guru Labels takes over TyTags

Guru Labels has added TyTags under its business banner as the latter’s owners retire and focus on their horticultural business.

TyTags, formerly known as TyTags Australia, is a 45-year-old family owned and run business that has been servicing many industries with tags and labels.

Its business owners, Charles and Leonie Sweeney, who are in their 70s, decided on Guru Labels as a succession plan following a search that lasted a few years.

“Leonie and I have been searching for a succession plan for the business for the last few years,” Charles said.

“We had investigated a number of options, but nothing was the right fit. We wanted to be absolutely confident that our customers would be looked after in every aspect of their continued dealings with the business.

“We also wanted a company that shared our business philosophies and had a history of long-term knowledgeable staff. Most of all we wanted it to be business as usual for our customers.

“The perfect opportunity presented itself when, quite unexpectedly, Nick Lowe knocked on the door and introduced himself as the director of Guru Labels.”

Guru Labels is an Australian company that has been supplying labels since 2001. Like TyTags, it is family owned and operated.

“Nick has built his business on dedicated, personalised customer service. We see that his talented team deliver attention to detail and speedy response. They guarantee every customer their undivided attention. This is a group of dedicated professionals that stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons,” Charles said.

According to Charles, for TyTags customers, business will continue as per normal and customers will be able to order tags and labels as they always have done – the same name, phone numbers, emails, and web address will be in operation.

As for the Guru Labels team, the company will soon be manufacturing specialty label stocks used for TyTags thermal and digital tags, labels and signage.

“Guru Labels machinery and modern manufacturing will catapult TyTags product to new standards. Charles and Leonie are confident the business is set to thrive in the years ahead,” the company said, in a statement.

“TyTags customers who have adopted the DIY Labelling solution software for their label printing will have their special needs met. Guru Labels will have its fingers on the button for customers’ thermal and digital printer needs.”

Following the transition period, Leonie and Charles are expected to support the Guru Labels team where necessary. They will also remain active in the industry as they continue their Swagman Sprayer business.

“The new circumstance will enable us to go further afield and attend more plant shows, and incorporate some holiday travel along the way,” Charles added.

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