Guru Labels To Increase Output With Mimaki

We’re all familiar with the iconic saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. The team at Guru Labels has taken this quite literally, making a significant investment in new Mimaki UV print and cut technology to increase their capacity and drive production for the many trade businesses they supply to.

It’s a smart move by Guru Labels, not only does it mean faster production time and greater capacity, but it also means that Guru Labels can better meet the needs of their customers in these most demanding of times.

Started in 2001, Guru Labels – a family-owned and operated business – has been supplying quality self-adhesive labels to trade businesses across the country. Part of the reason why they have become one of the most dynamic label printers in the country is due to their consistent reinvestment in advanced systems and state-of-the-art print technology.

Coupled with their expertise, this powerful combination allows Guru Labels to deliver even the most demanding, complex jobs in the quickest time possible.

Now, Guru Labels is taking another step forward by making a considerable investment in Mimaki UV inkjet print and cut technology to increase the speed at which they can respond to the needs of their trade customers.

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Guru Labels supports over 1300 trade businesses with the widest range of self-adhesive labels and decals,’ said Nicholas Lowe, Sales Director, Guru Labels. ‘To make sure we are offering the very best products and services in this space we are pleased to announce a complete upgrade of our wide-format department to include state-of-the-art Mimaki UV LED print and finishing technology.

The upgrade includes the latest Mimaki print technology that includes three CMYK+W print and cut printers, one CMYK/CMYK printer and three dedicated offline cutters.

‘This technology will expand our range of self-adhesive labels and decals we supply to over 1300 trade suppliers in Australia,’ said Nicholas. ‘The improved UV LED technology delivers a printed product that can be cut immediately eliminating time lost in outgassing.

The satin print is also a great look as it makes the printed message pop from the substrate and is far easier to read.’

The capability of the technology was one of the key factors in Guru Labels final decision, but it was not the only one.

‘We have had a long relationship with Brad Creighton and the Mimaki team,’ said Nicholas. ‘They have proven to be a trusted partner that delivers quality products and services. We did put them up against three other contenders and they came out on top as the premium partner in this space.’

The increased capabilities that Guru Labels can deliver to their trade customers comes at a welcome time. Whilst the economy does face some uncertainty, the demand for labels has grown. It is imperative that trade customers be able to rely on their suppliers to meet the demands of this changing landscape.

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In a very challenging period for many Australian businesses, Guru Labels have been fortunate enough to be trading well with the sectors we service,’ says Nicholas. ‘We expect this to continue and we are pleased to be able to support other businesses that require self-adhesive labels and signage right across the country.’

Guru Labels is known for delivering high-quality products for multiple markets including food and beverages, chemical labels, automotive and mechanical labels, cosmetic labels, electrical land safety labels, packaging labels and many more.

‘Guru Labels are known for being a forward thinking business with exceptional standards,’ said Brad Creighton, National Marketing Manager, Mimaki Australia. ‘To see them invest in state-of-the-art Mimaki print technology is testimony to how they have adapted to the current economic climate and how they are planning for the future.

There is no doubt it is a very difficult time for some business, we are staying connected with our network and customers and focusing on maintaining our supply and service assistance. Label making and signage are very important sectors in the current climate and we take this responsibility with the upmost of importance.’

As the nation begins the move back to normality, businesses like Guru Labels will lead the way by having invested in new technology to help respond to the growing demand from customers and a nation looking to get back to full economic activity.

For more information about Guru Labels or Mimaki Australia, be sure to visit and online magazine.

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