Labels For Lithium Batteries: Labels That Save Lives

Labels have an important job to do. For the most part they’re used to promote brands, sell products and provide information. But some labels, like lithium battery labels, have a far more crucial role to play.

Lithium batteries are used in almost everything from smartphones to e-scooters. These batteries are versatile and efficient, but they also pose safety risks.
If stored or transported incorrectly, lithium batteries can explode. If the battery terminals come into contact with other batteries or metal objects, they can short circuit, resulting in fire.

In Australia, accidents involving lithium batteries have caused fires and explosions leading to serious injury and death.

It’s essential to take all safety precautions to ensure that batteries are properly stored and transported, as even small mistakes can have devastating consequences.

Lithium battery label requirements

Transporting lithium batteries by air can be risky due to their volatile nature.

One of the best ways to safely store and transport lithium batteries is to make sure packages containing the batteries are labelled correctly.

In Australia, there are strict regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regarding how you have to label packages containing batteries.

You cannot design your own label – they must conform to the standards set by the IATA.

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The lithium battery mark must be in a rectangle or square, and include the image above in either black or white. It also must have red diagonal hatchings around the edge of at least 5 mm wide. 

Below the label should be the appropriate UN number for the specific type of lithium battery contained in the package.

Size of lithium battery label

The size of the label must be at least 100 mm x 100 mm.

If the package is too small for the label to fit, a smaller version can be made at not less than 100 mm wide x 70 mm high.

You must use the larger label if you can.

Where to get the best lithium battery labels

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When it comes to safely transporting lithium batteries, you want to make sure your labels will stay stuck.

Guru Labels are market leaders in labels, and lithium battery labels are no exception.

Our innovative production methods mean our lithium battery labels stay stuck and visible for longer.

We use a glossy paper with a permanent adhesive so the label cannot easily fall off or be removed.

If you need labels for your lithium batteries, the experts at Guru Labels can get it done quickly.

Guru Labels’ Class 9 Lithium Battery Labels meet the design and durability standards of IATA and other International air regulations. Suitable for local or International use, the Class 9 Lithium Hazard Labels can help you stay in compliance with standards set forth by IATA.

We invest in the best print technology to get top results for our clients to make sure they get exactly what they want. Our team of experts knows the legislative requirements for lithium battery labelling, and we’ll provide you with a solution that’s safe and compliant!  Need other dangerous goods labels? We can help you with that too – talk to the Guru’s! 

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